Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning

Save time and money with professional dryer vent cleaning.

  • cor_logoGet clothes dryer faster
  • Reduce the risk of dryer fires
  • Drastically lower your power bills
  • Extend the life of your dryers
  • Reduce allergens
  • Starting at $69.00 with furnace or duct cleaning work!

Our experienced and professional technicians are trained to clean and maintain all types of dryer vents.  For a free estimate please call us at 403-291-1051

Serving Calgary and Area since 1967

Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

  • Day and weekend service to match your needs
  • Truck mounted units for maximum dryer vent cleaning power
  • Cleaning from the inside and/or outside of the house
  • Vacuum hose and dryer vent cleaning brush run entire length of the dryer vent to ensure complete cleaning of the dryer vent
  • Customized dryer vent cleaning brushes
  • Inspection of dryer duct to help ensure safe and efficient operationCleaned Dryer Duct
  • Cleaning and washing of the dryer vent covers (we also offer vent cover replacement services)
  • Vent cap protection screening installation, to keep out birds and rodents, installation services available
  • Removal of lint and debris for environmentally safe disposal
  • On-site supervision to ensure quality work
  • Bonded and insured technicians
  • Radio GPS dispatched vehicles

We maintain our Certificate of Recognition with the Alberta Construction Safety Association to help ensure safe and professional work practices.

Regular dryer vent cleaning removes lint and debris not caught by the dryerOffice Representative for Dryer Duct Cleaning lint collector.  Our professional dryer vent cleaning service is convenient and mess-free.

Work Guaranteed!

Dryer vent cleaning for one level ducting   $69-$89.00

Dryer vent cleaning for two level ducting   $99-$129.00

Upgrade Dryer Vent Hose from plastic to aluminum $79

We also provide Chimney Cleaning, and Furnace and Duct Cleaning Services!

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Calgary and Area since 1967cor_logo


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Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation recommends regular dryer vent checking and cleaning.

Complete Cleaning and Maintenance Care in Calgary and area since 1967

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Technician Cleaning Furnacearea carpet cleaning

We have been using the services of Ram for more than 10 years and have always been completely satisfied with the results. Over the years it’s been Gary and Dave who have cleaned our carpets and furniture, and these gentlemen have always been courteous, efficient, and always on time.
Certainly, it is our intent to continue using Ram’s services in the future for home and office. We have also recommended Ram’s services to our friends.

Sandra and Claude Kennedy, Client

Ram has cleaned my furnace and ducts, as well as the dryer vent, ever since I have moved to Calgary. I’m was very impressed with Ram’s staff and their prices were reasonable. I was a real pleasure to deal with this company, and when I am able, I will hire them for future work.

M Stephen, Client

After three years of doing renos, I called Ram to get my duct work cleaned. They came the very next day and were in and out in under 45 minutes. I also had the dryer vent cleaned. They had to pull out the dryer and get behind it. I was concerned that the dryer might scratch our brand new hardwood, but I didn’t need to be worried. Not a scratch. They were very pleasant and professional. Good job. Will definitely call them again!

L Desmarais, Client

Our experience with Ram has been awesome over the 20 years that we have been dealing with Ram – for carpets, windows, furnaces and fireplaces. The staff are friendly, appointments easy to make and we are very pleased with the skill level of those who come to do the work. We use Ram for just about everything!

N Scholten, Client

Ram came and cleaned out my clogged dryer vent. I was thrilled with the improvement in my dryer’s performance! They were able to schedule me in quickly , and the technician was very professional.

Audrey from Calgary, Client

Our dryer vent cleaning brush has 3 parts: a powerful vacuum, a plastic propeller, and a fixed bristle brush.

The vacuum, created by our van’s powerful V8 motor, spins the propeller atProfessional Duct and Vent Cleaning Brush very high speed. It works with the brush to thoroughly scour the round dryer vent walls. The vacuum then whisks away the dislodged dust and pollutants to the van.

Our trained technicians are the other great plus. They are experienced in cleaning all types of dryer vent setups.

All the quality safeguards you expect are in place including on-site inspection by our quality control staff to help ensure professional dryer vent, furnace and duct cleaning results.  Before any of our technicians are dispatched, they are given a comprehensive training and assessment program.Dryer Vent Cleaning Technician

Training includes, classroom, video and DVD, WHMIS, SAIT courses and site field training with senior furnace and duct cleaning technicians.  All dryer vent,  furnace and duct cleaning technicians are sent to a professional driving school for a driving assessment and upgrading.  All vehicles are radio equipped for dispatching efficiency.  Vehicles are also equipped with GPS monitoring to help us ensure that customers are getting value for their money.  We insure your home and possessions against any service mishap and you are protected by a 100% guarantee of satisfactory workmanship.

Keeping your dryer vent clean is an essential part of keeping your house safe and making sure that your dryer is working properly.

How Often Do You Use Your Dryer?

One of the key things to consider when determining the frequency with which to clean your vent is how often the dryer is used. If you only dry four or five loads of laundry per week, an annual cleaning should suffice. However, if youProfessional Dryer Vent Cleaning have an exceptionally large family and dry as many as four or five loads a day, it may be a good idea to clean your dryer vent once every six months or, if you want to be extra cautious, once every three months.

It is always a good idea to keep an eye out for problems with your dryer and to check for any clogs or issues with your vent between cleanings.

Symptoms of a Vent in Need of Cleaning

You may conduct your regularly scheduled vent cleanings like a responsible homeowner, but there can still be times when your vent has an unexpected problem with too much buildup or a clog. If you notice any of these symptoms, it may be time for an emergency cleaning.

Clothes Do Not Get Dry

If your clothes come out still damp or wet after a normal drying cycle, there could be buildup interfering with your dryer’s ability to vent air and operate normally.

Excessive Humidity or Heat in the Room

Obviously if the dryer cannot vent properly, this means the air is not getting pushed out of your home and is instead leaking out inside.

The Dryer Itself Is Hot

If your dryer feels excessively warm to the touch, a blocked vented could be the cause.

Musty Odor

Lack of proper air circulation can also cause a musty odor from the hot, damp air remaining inside the hose and the machine.

There are still other signs that may indicate your dryer vent is in need of a cleaning, but these are some of the most common and easiest to notice on a day-to-day basis.

Consequences of Infrequent Cleaning

Failure to regularly clean dryer vents will increase drying time and, in turn, increase the cost of your utility bills. Furthermore, as dryer lint is highly flammable, the hot temperatures caused by a plugged-up vent’s lack of sufficient air flow are liable to give way to large fires. In fact, dryers with clogged vents or lint screens are one of the most frequent causes of in-home fires. Also, when a dryer vent is blocked, carbon monoxide will be forced out inside your home. So in addition to saving you money, regular vent cleaning will make your home safer.

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Calgary and Area since 1967

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